We have received call after call, of people in a panic to move office workers home. Their biggest fear is security. Corners are being cut and enterprises are being exposed. It’s just a matter of time before the other shoe drops and companies are breached.

Over the last few weeks SimpleWAN has been working hard to modify parts of our offering to fit the needs of what’s going on right now. We’ve come up with a solution we are calling SimpleWAN@Home. By combining all of the SimpleWAN technologies, such as SDV and vMPLS, into a single home offering complete with a dedicated Unlimited 4G solution. We now have the ability to drop ship fully ready devices. With its own dedicated Internet connection, that can automatically and securely connect to a cloud environment such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Services. It also has the ability to spin up our vMPLS technology between all the remote user locations and offices. Providing a fully meshed network at all locations, that’s fully encrypted and secure.

I know what I said up there is a lot of techy babble. The key takeaway here is: You can use this technology to instantly have an environment for your home workers that looks, feels and smells like your corporate office infrastructure. There is no interference from employees’ home networks and has all of our patented prioritization SD-WAN technologies built.

With the current situation, SimpleWAN is offering this at a highly discounted rate, along with no contracts (That’s right, we are offering everything month to month). We understand nobody really knows how long this is going to go on; or what the workplace will look like on the other side. Flexibility and simplicity are the most important things for us to provide to our clients right now.

If you would like more information on this product, please reach out to us. Please be patient as we are a bit overwhelmed with the response so far on this product offering. We value our customers and our partner community!