Think a VPN is Enough to Secure your Remote Workforce? Think Again.

Working from home has become the new normal. From the immediate implications of COVID-19, to the long-term realization that a remote workforce can save a lot of overhead (rent, utilities, furniture, janitorial services) it’s easy to see why more and more businesses are going remote. Especially when today’s technology makes it so easy to stay connected and accountable from afar. While these are all great reasons for going remote, as teleworking continues to rise, it does introduce new security challenges for businesses like yours, such as a VPN attack, which shouldn’t be overlooked. The good news? SimpleWAN @Home has a simple, affordable solution. But first, let’s review the facts.  

Costs of a VPN Attack

According to a Clark School study at the University of Maryland1, hackers attack computers with internet access in the U.S. every 39 seconds, affecting one third of Americans every year. What’s more, is 64% of companies have experienced a web-based VPN attack, and 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses. Over 50% of small businesses have suffered a breach within the last year, costing an average of $200K, and 60% go out of business within 6 months of being victimized.2 

The VPN Attack Root Cause

So why are so many security breaches happening? Some remote workers use company-issued devices, while others use their own devices, and all use their home WiFi networks to connect. In fact, 56% of employees are using personal computers with VPN connections as companies go remote. Nearly 25% of those employees don’t have security protocols in place on their computers, and 25% have unreliable or spotty WiFi connections. Plus, 5 of every 6 home wifi routers are inadequately updated for known security flaws, leaving connected devices open to a VPN attack that can compromise your business’s security and lead to financial loss.3

VPN & IoT Vulnerabilities 

Even when connecting to a company VPN, a seemingly secure solution, having users access company networks to transmit data from their own personal networks and computers poses serious challenges and security risks. These risks grow exponentially with every separate network that is used to access company data. This is because home networks have lower Malware defense, they vulnerably connect to multiple users and connected devices, and if employees are using personal computers with a business VPN, organizations lack authority to manage those devices, and are unable to secure the host or implement protective measures.4 98% of all IoT device traffic is unencrypted, exposing personal and confidential data on the network.5 So, when remote employees use their home networks for work, all of their networked IoT devices put your business VPN at risk, from security cameras and baby monitors, to smart doorbells and even wireless printers.6

The Solution to Human Error

It’s easy to see why 95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error. Cyber-criminals and hackers will infiltrate your company through your weakest link, like as a remote worker’s home network, VPN or not.7

So what is the solution? Remote workers, regardless of VPN or company-owned devices have to connect to their company’s network through their vulnerable home Wi-Fi, right? Wrong. Introducing: SimpleWAN @Home, the simple way to secure your remote workforce. SimpleWAN @Home neutralizes all of these remote network security concerns by providing a way to securely connect and completely isolate and work traffic, bypassing the home network. 

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