SD-WAN improves the performance of systems like UCaaS and can be bundled as a service.Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions can experience a variety of problems on a general-purpose Internet line, such as jitter and dropped calls. When UCaaS is routed through SD-WAN, it is prioritized on a high-bandwidth connection and the performance is advanced.

The beauty of SD-WAN is that the enterprise decides what is mission-critical. If it’s determined that UCaaS is critical to customer satisfaction and collaboration between virtual teams, business policy can be set in SD-WAN to prioritize UCaaS traffic.

SD-WAN also offers improved visibility and centralized management into the network, so that troubleshooting is all through a virtual overlay. Like SD-WAN, UCaaS is ideal for serving multiple branch locations, and with this type of bundling, technicians can troubleshoot a problem with voice call quality, for instance, from a centralized location. Problems are easily detected and remedied.

For service providers, offering a bundled UCaaS with SD-WAN allows enterprises to experience the multiplied benefits of combining cloud technology. It opens the door to other as-a-Service offerings that provide a better end-user experience, offers cost savings to the enterprise and boosts the opportunity for innovation.

Pairing SD-WAN with UCaaS boosts security protection by allowing segmentation of different types of network traffic. IT also has better visibility into the network, allowing for the quick detection of fraudulent charges or unauthorized data transmissions. Given the expansion of mobile device usage, the ability to segment network traffic significantly lessens the risk of a breach, or in the event of a breach, lessens the effects of it.

The segmentation of traffic prevents a breach at a branch location from permeating through to the core of the network, significantly limiting the impact of a security breach.

Whether using SD-WAN to act as MPLS alternatives, or in a hybrid setting, enterprises can significantly reduce costs by sending non-critical traffic over public Internet pathways and improve bandwidth performance. When this technology is applied to UCaaS, the benefits only multiply.

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