SD-WAN deployments deliver benefits beyond the typical WAN.The challenges for today’s IT department are very real. Employees in the typical corporate environment are no longer confined to four walls that contain the network. Today, key individuals within the organization rely on cloud computing, mobile applications, and other technology innovations to do their jobs. As a result, the demand for software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) continues to grow.

SD-WAN is designed to meet the challenges of distributed enterprises that must be able to deliver a seamless and consistent experience for all customers, partners, and employees, regardless of location. Whether key employees are moving about and need additional capabilities or the entire operation is based on virtual connectivity, IT must determine the best way to ensure optimal performance with or without additional budget.

A New Way to Expand

The idea of a centrally-managed network that can be easily pushed out to geographically dispersed locations through software is nothing less than appealing. It also helps that the process is designed to be consistent and cost-effective. This wasn’t always the case when the need to upgrade WAN capabilities first became apparent. Companies often delayed the move as it required more people, equipment, and expense. Today, SD-WAN offers a better way of meeting the same demand as organizations can set up and then manage network functionality through centralized software.

Why SD-WAN Can’t Be Ignored

Aside from the cost savings and centralized approach to management, users can also establish and configure Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), WAN optimization, virtual private networks (VPNs), and firewalls, all through the SD-WAN software. The need for additional physical equipment at sites is minimized, while the infrastructure is greatly simplified. Users enjoy:

  • reduced total cost of ownership,
  • operational efficiencies,
  • new levels of flexibility, and
  • market responsiveness.

SD-WAN also enables the delivery of predictable application performance across all locations, while centrally managing policies. Flexible traffic management ensures users can shift data to the cloud and centralize data centers. This delivers the necessary business continuity through the separation of control and forwarding functions, allowing network administrators to dynamically control traffic. Capacity for additional services is expanded, flexibility and agility are enabled, and a cost-effective and highly scalable alternative to MPLS is delivered.

The SD-WAN Is Your Firewall

You may already have your security strategy in place, and it may seem as though you simply need to ensure the SD-WAN can match this strategy. The reality is, however, that SD-WAN has the capacity to serve as your firewall as it is the point of entry for network and data management. The centralized approach and mobile monitoring and support actually give you better protection than you have with a disparate approach to managing multiple locations with varying solutions.

If you’re ready to consider what SD-WAN can do for your organization, it’s time to contact SimpleWAN. We will walk you through the process of evaluation and custom builds, something you won’t get from just any vendor. Contact us today to get started.