SD-WAN provides a cost-effective way to manage network connectivity for cloud solutions.Businesses are increasingly relying on cloud software to give them the agility, performance, and cost savings to remain competitive in their respective fields. As more cloud solutions are adopted, companies are forced to deal with the incompatibility of their existing network with the demands of cloud services.

In many cases, the robust solutions offered through cloud technology are too demanding for traditional wide area network (WAN) connections. For instance, companies are increasingly utilizing communications tools that include video conferencing, and expect seamless connectivity and integration with other software tools. These types of advances in business processes often place too great of a strain on bandwidth, causing quality to suffer.

To adequately support cloud solutions with superior network connectivity, many organizations are adopting a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution. SD-WAN allows IT administrators to have central control of network management while providing geographically diverse branch locations with the connectivity they require to create a collaborative and high-quality work environment.

Cloud-based SD-WAN offers enterprises embracing cloud solutions a variety of benefits:

  • Better operational efficiency and responsiveness, achieved through a more simplified infrastructure
  • Predictability in application performance because SD-WAN allows administrators to create business policies that direct internet traffic based on priority of the transmission
  • The ability to manage traffic and allow users to send data directly to and from the cloud, eliminating the need for additional physical data centers for each branch
  • Cloud is integrated into the data management model, and in particular supports a variety of data, voice, and video capabilities.

One of the most important benefits of SD-WAN paired with other cloud solutions is that SD-WAN is still in its early deployment stages. As enterprises embrace SD-WAN and begin to develop best practices, its applications and uses will only expand to become more flexible and useful in a variety of situations.

In addition to the benefits listed above, SD-WAN also offers similar advantages that are common among cloud solutions:

  • Scalability: As companies add more users, they need only increase their subscription by the exact number of additional users they require.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Reduced hardware costs and maintenance time make it a financially advantageous move, in addition to the ability to categorize the costs as operating expenses, rather than a capital investment.
  • Improved performance and agility: SD-WAN gives enterprises the ability to improve the end user experience and adapt to changing line-of-business needs.

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