Why you should use a cloud-managed router.For years, companies have gotten along well with standard router management systems. But now, a comparatively new entry in the field has provided several exciting advantages. It’s called a cloud-managed router, and it’s the kind of technology that will make users wonder how they ever got along without it.

What Benefits Do Cloud-Managed Routers Offer?

Using a cloud-managed router allows users to incorporate some of the best features of cloud-based operation with on-premises hardware.

Remote management. Allowing for remote management capability means you can have the benefits of an on-call network management workforce without the Dilbert-esque working conditions of a permanent management team. IT can actually address many common issues from home, or from a mobile device, improving morale while providing necessary management.

Real-time defense. Remote management also means it’s possible to protect against attacks on the network in real-time, because it’s possible to see an attack in progress and take steps to protect the network from there.

Better support for dispersed networks. For organizations with multiple locations, the benefits of SD-WAN speak for themselves. A cloud-managed router, meanwhile, provides excellent SD-WAN support and support for geographically dispersed networks by virtue of remote management.

Downtime prevention. A little downtime is inevitable, but preventing it wherever possible is the ultimate goal of any network administrator. Another function of remote monitoring allows issues to be rectified quickly, bringing the network back up, sometimes before users even notice a problem.

Always up-to-date. Like any cloud-managed system, the onus is on the provider to offer the best user experience possible. Failure to do so results in lost business and a direct bottom-line hit. So, cloud-based providers make it a point to keep systems upgraded with the latest products, ensuring service is always at its peak.

Reliable cost figures. Another great feature about cloud-managed systems is that the bills are relatively stable. Most of the hardware cost is absorbed by the provider, which in turn charges fees to access services. Capital expenses instead become predictable, operational expenses.

How Can I Start Using Cloud-Managed Routers?

If you like what you’ve heard about what cloud-managed routers can do for you, then start the process of getting them in your business by contacting us at SimpleWAN. Not only do we have cloud-managed routers to offer as part of our all-in-one SD-WAN operations, but we can also help you get them up and running by offering a dashboard that allows network management from a single portal. In addition, there’s firewall security that contributes to HIPAA and PCI compliance among other standards. Drop us a line today to get started with this powerful new technology.