The rise of SD-WAN has been met with some skepticism. Misleading myths and rumors about this latest networking technology solution have, unfortunately, led some customers to opt out of considering it for their business. With uncertainties related to cost and security, potential customers have been sidetracked by big providers or other SD-WAN players making untruthful claims. We’ve taken some of the most popular myths surrounding SD-WAN and have debunked them to offer customers the clarity they deserve. Being informed of the facts for this solution can be useful when making the decision to make the leap to SD-WAN.

Debunking SD-WAN's misleading myths.

Knowing the facts surrounding SD-WAN can make all the difference when deciding whether to implement this solution at your enterprise. We’ve shed light on the benefits of this networking technology solution by debunking of some of its most misleading myths, including those surrounding security, cost, and WAN optimization. Increase communication and network performance with SD-WAN, and enjoy the benefits of savings on capital expenditures, operational costs, and bandwidth. Contact SimpleWAN today to get started. Our team will answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you find the right solution for your particular needs.