By: Geoffrey McCarroll, Regional Channel Director, SimpleWAN

The truth about SD-WAN.If you think you need SD-WAN because you need failover in case your primary connection goes down, it’s time to think again. True SD-WAN is much more than a failover, and because SD-WAN has been thrown around as a buzzword it continues to be misunderstood.

Another common misconception about SD-WAN is that it’s supposed to be expensive, and anything that’s cost effective simply doesn’t work. The truth is, SD-WAN doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg, and it can do more than just act as a cradle point.

How SD-WAN Is More Than a Failover

While there exists the notion that SD-WAN works as a cradle point to protect your business against failover, SD-WAN is a lot more forward-thinking than most are led to believe. True SD-WAN is able to address multiple needs in a business’ network – not just help businesses recover from downtime. Not only is it able to reduce the amount of hardware used in a business, it is able to combine solutions such as redundancy, threat intelligence, and more into one easy-to-use device.

With true SD-WAN, instead of using multiple carriers and devices for threat management tools, firewall, and compliance, you get one device that gives you greater transparency into your network, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity – all in one solution.

SD-WAN 1.0

At SimpleWAN, we’re aware of the misconceptions surrounding SD-WAN, which is why we created SD-WAN 1.0 to help address both the desire of the market and the void found as a result of this misinformation. With SD-WAN 1.0, customers are able to:

  • Have a firewall
  • Keep everything in place
  • Add our device for traffic shaping
  • Work with multiple providers
  • Gain physical and network diversity

What’s more, we understand that customers are constantly looking for more diversity on their networks without having to spend too much money on fiber they don’t need. That’s why SimpleWAN 1.0 is the perfect solution for customers that want more paths and flexibility. If your customers have internet, VoIP, or are looking for redundancy, 1.0 should be seen as the SD-WAN router. By adding this product, you’ll be able to give your customers more control over their networks.

Ready to Integrate True SD-WAN?

If you’re ready to start offering your customer true SD-WAN, contact SimpleWAN to get started. Our dedicated team will not only help set up networks but will also help configure devices. Give us a call today and start benefiting from lifetime replacement and 24/7 support.