Digital transformation is disruptive in any industry, requiring enterprises to completely dissect their business processes to determine how best to grow in a digital world. In the healthcare industry, the changes are driven not just by advances in technology but by a shift in focus.

The revolution happening in hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, and residential care facilities is not just that there are more laptops appearing in exam rooms or that patients can access their test results through an online patient portal. It’s a bigger, broader concept that is shifting the focus from the health system to the patient.

While digital transformation is helping many companies cut costs and meet objectives for growth, its impact may be felt even more profoundly in the healthcare industry, where access to the best possible care is critical. Digital transformation is making an impact on a variety of areas in healthcare:

Operational Analytics: Streamlined operations help reduce costs, and both clinicians and executives can analyze data to determine the best course of action. Both unstructured (handwritten case notes) and structured (medical records) data are compiled to provide better insight into ideal operational practices.

Clinical Analytics: Powerful data models are improving the quality and outcome of healthcare services. Healthcare providers can share insights and compare practices in convenient ways. Also, digital transformation is improving the accuracy and consistency of information available, resulting in better care across the industry.

Medical Data Storage: New technology is not only creating more data, but it is also providing better storage and retrieval solutions for improved analysis. The data can be used to optimize patient care and to identify emerging trends in the healthcare industry.

The technology improvements under digital transformation make it easier for physicians to access information about their patients that provides a comprehensive picture of their health. Health professionals will also be able to compile data and create reports more quickly.

Digital transformation, while manifesting itself differently in each industry, has a common foundation: the consumer. The patient or customer experience is driving the adoption of disruptive technology, with enterprises and healthcare companies understanding that, in order to remain competitive in their respective fields, they must offer unparalleled service. Many organizations recognize that digital transformation is not optional, but necessary for survival in their industry.

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