SD-WAN is great and all, but what if you combined it with managed Wi-Fi and security tools?Businesses with multiple locations are finding, more and more often, that a software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) system is exactly what’s needed to best connect all those locations. While SD-WAN definitely has some advantages, incorporating all-in-one networking options like managed Wi-Fi and security tools only improves what is already a powerful tool for business.

How Does SD-WAN and Other Networking Tools Improve Multi-Location Operations?

Businesses have likely heard that SD-WAN has benefits, but just what they are may be less clear. When other tools are incorporated into the mix, still more benefits are available.

Lower expenses. 

  • SD-WAN reduces the operational and capital expenses involved in setting up and running a network.
  • Cloud-based security tools prevent unnecessary IT expenses in protecting the network.
  • Managed Wi-Fi allows for ready scalability—ensuring no more overspending on capacity.
  • The end result is lowered costs on several levels.

Improved security. Here, SD-WAN provides security on par with a virtual private network (VPN) thanks to the ability to establish encrypted tunnels in the network for traffic to pass through. Managed security tools allow for security to be established and managed by a dedicated staff—rather than dragooning IT into handling one more thing—and managed Wi-Fi improves visibility into transmission capability to better spot problems about to start.

Better agility. Businesses need to be able to respond quickly to changes in the market, and an all-in-one networking system can provide that. SD-WAN keeps vital information flowing between branch offices to determine what’s going on in the market, and both managed security and managed Wi-Fi tools allow IT resources to be deployed effectively elsewhere, keeping the overall system running more smoothly and letting it adapt as needed to a changing environment.

Improved network performance. With SD-WAN, application performance can often be improved by stepping up packet transmission. Managed security tools keep bad actors off the network, which improves overall performance, and managed Wi-Fi offers a greatly improved user experience with seamless connectivity, thus making the network easier to use and more effective overall.

How Do I Get Started Bringing an All-in-One SD-WAN System to My Network?

With all these benefits on hand, it’s easy to see why anyone would want an all-in-one networking system. SD-WAN by itself is a powerful tool, so why not augment it further with complementary systems like managed Wi-Fi and managed security? If you’re ready for a system like that, just drop us a line at SimpleWAN, where we can make your network the best it can be for all your locations.