SD-WAN security benefits include the ability to segment out different types of network traffic.Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) is becoming the solution of choice for enterprises dealing with more complexity in their networks. The adoption of cloud solutions, the launching of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and the addition of new branch locations are all events that can complicate network management. Enterprises are turning to SD-WAN to answer these challenges, but they are also finding that SD-WAN security benefits make the switch even more appealing.

SD-WAN helps enterprises reduce costs through a subscription-based pay model, with the ability to categorize the cost as an operating expense, rather than a one-time capital investment. SD-WAN also improves factors like latency and jitter because network engineers can route different types of traffic to different pathways, such as through multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) lines for highly-critical data transmissions and public internet connections for non-critical traffic.

In addition to these benefits, SD-WAN offers improved security measures for networks. SD-WAN security benefits include:

Segmentation: The ability to segment out traffic based on business policy not only protects the quality of transmissions, but also allows network engineers to isolate any security breach. For instance, an enterprise can segment their IoT data flow so that if a device is stolen or involved in a cyberattack, the problem can be prevented from spreading to other areas of the organization.

Visibility: Again, this is a benefit that enterprises appreciate for the ability to troubleshoot and solve problems with network congestion and other concerns, but it also offers security benefits. SD-WAN provides network management with the ability to view connectivity from a single screen, and problems can be solved from that central location, rather than requiring an employee to travel to a branch location to determine whether there’s been a security breach.

Encryption: One of the most important SD-WAN security benefits is the encryption of any data transmission from one location to another. For enterprises embracing cloud solutions and have multiple branch locations, this feature offers important protection.

As evidenced by the headlines, hackers are taking advantage of developing technology to continuously create new ways to infiltrate enterprise data stores. Enterprises deploying IoT devices, spreading their network across multiple branch locations and implementing cloud solutions can no longer rely on firewalls to protect their networks. SD-WAN security benefits make it a more attractive option for solving a variety of network challenges.

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