By: Geoffrey McCarroll, Regional Channel Director, SimpleWAN

Meet SimpleWAN’s new regional channel director.I’m thrilled to start a new chapter with SimpleWAN! As SimpleWAN’s new regional channel director, I’m excited to work alongside a great team that is dedicated to helping businesses find all-in-one solutions for their technology. SimpleWAN’s commitment to delivering connectivity, security, and simplicity was one of the many reasons I was drawn to the company.

Prior to joining SimpleWAN in 2018, I worked for a master agency in South Florida starting in 2001. Throughout the 15 years spent there, I worked my way from having a role in account management to running the day-to-day of the company. However, after more than a decade committed to the company and after reaching my goals, I found myself fulfilled and decided it was time to pursue other things. So in August of 2018, I left.

When the opportunity to work for SimpleWAN occurred, it was an immediate, serious consideration of mine. In fact, I had sold SimpleWAN’s products in my previous role and had had previous experience demo’ing it in my own home! I knew how their products worked inside and out, which made it an easy decision to join the team.

As the regional channel director, my role consists of supporting the channel sales side, quoting, and interacting with master agencies that we’ve selected as our primary partners. Additionally, I’m responsible for training and educating agents about SimpleWAN’s products. However, while I’m enjoying my new role, what I’m most excited about is re-educating the market on what SD-WAN really is.

When it comes to SD-WAN, there’s a lot of misinformation out there that leads to misunderstanding of the product. In fact, there are many “I can do it too” companies that propel this misinformation, leading businesses to invest in something that is not quite what they signed up for. SD-WAN is not just quality of service or traffic shaping. While those features certainly should come with SD-WAN, true SD-WAN is so much more than those individual tools. It’s an all-inclusive service connecting multiple locations over the public internet with cyber security, compliance, and more.

By getting SimpleWAN out there and showing businesses what the product truly is, we’ll be able to differentiate ourselves from other companies that don’t sell the real SD-WAN. My goal is to introduce SimpleWAN back into the market as the go-to SD-WAN provider, and I’m confident we’ll achieve this.

Do You Need SD-WAN?

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