A look at several MPLS alternatives.For many businesses, multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) is the best way to go when it comes to providing connectivity. Many of those businesses, meanwhile, wish it weren’t the way to go, but are unsure how else to go about providing that necessary connectivity. With that in mind, many look for MPLS alternatives, and some have actually found them. Knowing if you can use such alternatives, though, is vital to determining which one is right for you.

How Can I Tell if My Business Can Use MPLS Alternatives?

Here are some key points used to identify a business that’s ready for an MPLS alternative.

Alternatives are available. Not every business has the same technology profile. Some have more resources available to them than others, and if there aren’t any MPLS alternatives such as software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN), then there’s little point in considering alternatives that don’t exist.

Alternatives surpass MPLS. Additionally, it’s important to consider what alternatives are in play. SD-WAN is a favorite, but not all SD-WAN is created equal. Look for disparities such as the speed of deployment, differences in pricing, and differences in security capability WAN optimization to determine if alternatives are worth pursuing.

The organization is sufficiently flexible. There are many great points to bringing in an MPLS alternative like SD-WAN, but it’s not always the best option for everyone. Most SD-WAN systems are specifically designed to address issues related to branch offices, which means they’re not always reliable when it comes to cloud-based operations. The organization bringing in SD-WAN need to be prepared for this potential shortfall.

The organization has a robust security profile. Another potential problem with SD-WAN and similar MPLS alternatives is they often don’t address security threats launched from the internet itself. This means that businesses need to be prepared to address this issue internally.

The organization is ready for a hybrid solution. Even those using SD-WAN as an MPLS alternative may want to reconsider. Using SD-WAN in concert with MPLS has proven quite effective, as SD-WAN’s load balancing capabilities allow for easy switching to alternate services. Having MPLS around as an “alternate service” can still be useful.

How Can I Start Using MPLS Alternatives?

If you’re ready to ditch MPLS—or you’re just ready to drop it before it drops you—then checking with us at SimpleWAN is a great way to get started using MPLS alternatives. We have access to several alternatives, like SD-WAN and vMPLS, which can deliver new value and help you break away from the long-standing technology that is MPLS. So when you’re ready to look at MPLS alternatives, just drop us a line and we’ll get you started.