There’s little done these days at work that isn’t done over the network. From collaboration to connectivity outside the office, we turn to the network in a host of different ways. To keep that vital tool running at its peak, however, we need network management tools. Even in this, we face a host of options, so let’s have a closer look at what we should know.

Why Should I Use Network Management Tools?

Network management tools, simply put, mean a better network.

Fix network problems early. Sometimes, problems in the network emerge because of poor management. With network management, these conflicts can be found and addressed before they become big problems, such as the marketing department’s massive email campaign starting up during HR’s big teleconference.

Address waste / misuse. While everyone needs a break every so often, no one wants employees watching YouTube all day. Network management can help control what goes on on the network itself.

Know when to upgrade. Sometimes, a network just isn’t enough for all the traffic on it. With network management tools, you’ll know when you can improve the current network and when you must upgrade.

What Should I Look For in the Right Network Management Tool?

Not all network management tools are created equal. Here’s what to look for in the best ones.

Ease of use. The tool should be as easy to deploy as it is to put to work. A tool too difficult to use won’t be used extensively enough to make a difference.

Real-time operations. Network information should be available immediately to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Range of operations. Look for a system that can offer a wide range of monitoring functions, like IP SLA latency, SNMP, and NetFlow operations.

How Does Network Monitoring Figure In?

A unified network monitoring tool lends support to network management by removing some of the “silo effect” from network management, allowing for a better look at the overall network to help spot problems therein. The old saying notes that, if it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed, and network monitoring provides necessary measurement tools.

How Do I Get Started With Network Management and Monitoring?

How valuable is a system that can do anything, but is impossible to use? A system has to balance its functionality with ease of use, or risk no one bothering to use it at all. SimpleWAN has a great way to provide both value and ease of use; just have a look at this sample screen:

SimpleWan gives you the tools and resources to effectively and efficiently manage your locations from 1,000 miles away. With analytics, reports and alerts, networking is now “simple”.


If you want that kind of value added to your operation, just drop us a line. We make contacting us as easy as the system itself is to use, so put the best in network management to use in your business.