ZERO Trust Architecture

The ultimate cloud connector

The SimpleWAN Core Technology is the ultimate “connector of things”. In the past, many services ran on-site for businesses. Today, those services are being transitioned to the cloud. However, connecting and keeping the branch communicating to these cloud-delivered services has become more challenging. That’s where we come in. That includes managing, controlling and monitoring systems and environments from the cloud.

The SimpleWAN operating plane is a separation of the control plane from the data plane. In other words, decoupling the networking technology allows the SimpleWAN system to maintain secure connections to multiple cloud technologies, regardless of your connectivity situation. This means that conditions such as backup, failover, satellite, wireless, or multi-wan management connectivity becomes irrelevant to the user experience this is often known as “SD-WAN”.

What really sets us apart, is our technology has taken this even further, this includes LAN management, security, monitoring and compliance and deploying cloud to edge technologies such as cloud UTM and CASB functions. These SASE functions not only help keep connectivity going in any conditions they also provide a full Branch suite of solutions to the users on site. This is known as “SD-Branch”.

Through all of these processes, our Core Technology is able to prioritize and manage the application experience at the network level. While also providing all of the tools needed to supply a branch location with a full IT toolkit. This also allows for a deeper level of problem resolution, automation, and diagnostics.

To sum it up, SimpleWAN technology is the ultimate cloud connector.

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