Ever wish you could buy one solution instead of 20? SD-WAN 2.0 makes it so.Written by Erik Knight, CEO, SimpleWAN

SD-WAN is serving businesses around the world well. More enterprises are finding that the technology can address and simplify their networking needs. But, as with most human inventions, a next generation has arrived — one that pushes the envelope of ease-of-use, clarity, functionality, security, and simplicity for multi-location organizations. This new iteration is SD-WAN 2.0.

Why a 2.0?

Over the years of SD-WAN’s evolution, SimpleWAN has watched the “1.0” version do its job: promise centralization, prioritization of network traffic, and a better cloud life. But we knew there was more SD-WAN could bring to the enterprise.

What’s different?

Traditionally, SD-WAN is about improving internet performance, getting faster speeds, and replacing MPLS. Thus far, it’s mainly been about internet and WAN architecture. But SD-WAN 2.0 goes further. It’s about more control and better remote management — beyond just the WAN and into SD-Branch.

With managed WiFi, content filtering, and managing the other pieces of SDN, 2.0 takes everything to the next level to include “SD-LAN” — essentially, LAN management. With 2.0, you can manage the individual pieces on your network. In this way, SD-WAN 2.0 takes the granular level of control available with SD-WAN to the local network.

Where SD-WAN “1.0” took everything to the demarc, 2.0 takes it almost to the computer. It’s a full diagnostic suite that goes beyond the firewall. Cyber security is a big focus here; 2.0 enables users to manage the security aspect of what’s going on in their networks with intelligent sharing and other advanced security features that are a part of SimpleWAN’s portfolio.

2.0 combines what people buy in multiple products today. Gone are the days of having to purchase a firewall, managed WiFi, network diagnostics packages, and LAN management all separately. And, gone are the days of needing IT people at every branch location. With 2.0, you go deeper into your network.

We’re excited to bring this evolution of SD-WAN to market. Let us know if you’d like to learn more today.