On October 12, we announced that SimpleWAN is expanding its connectivity to numerous cloud providers, including Google Cloud Compute, allowing for one-click integration. If you’re a Google user, that means, as SimpleWAN’s customer, you can connect to your cloud infrastructure in a faster and more secure way.

The move is part of a bigger endeavor of ours to bring multi-location businesses into the next generation of cloud-based connectivity. In 2018, 77% of enterprises had at least one application in the cloud, according to Forbes.

Forbes predicts that 83% of enterprise workloads will be on the cloud by 2020. This drives us to give you the best product for your business. Our mission at SimpleWAN is to simplify networking for businesses and improving our connectivity to the cloud through SD-WAN. 

SD-WAN and the Cloud

Traditional WAN networks are not built to run new applications in efficient ways. That means you’re slowing down your computer every time you access the cloud. SD-WAN supports the newer apps by optimizing internet traffic usage that is specifically geared toward your business’s needs, such as cloud connectivity.

The cloud connects wide-area networks (WANs). At its core, it is a service that connects software and services offered over the internet to your computer. The cloud skips the middleman and allows you to directly connect to whatever you need to. It’s used for emailing, storing files, sharing content, and more.

SD-WAN architecture was created to ensure business success by connecting branch offices all over the world with ease. The cloud was created with a similar mindset – move faster, no matter your use. Marrying the two together was an obvious choice.

Through SimpleWAN’s SD-WAN 2.0, you can get the best speed and most secure connection to your cloud-based services. The service automatically connects you directly to the cloud-based app without having to go through a data center, meaning you get where you need to go faster and more efficiently.

Built-in Firewall Protection

Security is a huge component of SimpleWAN’s SD-WAN. Traditional firewall technology is about 20 years old. While it notifies you about what it blocks, there is no way to monitor the activity. If that sounds like your computer security, you may be leaving the door open for hackers.

Hackers and data breaches have existed long before the cloud came into play. Data breaches can cost $3.92 million on average, according to the Ponemon Institute. The cloud, which is storing your data online, can raise the risk of you being the target of a cyber-attack if you are not properly protected.

Online security should be a priority in your office; the United States is the number one country for cyber-attacks. SimpleWAN allows you to view global attacks blocked in real time so you can learn more about the risks poised to your network.

SimpleWAN offers Cloud Firewall UTM Protection, which is cloud managed and monitored. It senses intrusions and malicious activities as it happens and notifies you of risks in real time. Because it’s through the cloud, the service is 24 hours a day, seven days a week and runs without having the need for an onsite IT staff.

Faster Internet Speeds

When optimized for your business, SD-WAN and identify and prioritize traffic by application. This means your Google Docs, Drive or Gmail account won’t be sluggish if one of your coworkers is streaming Spotify. SD-WAN steers the critical applications down the path of least resistance, meaning it chooses the path with adequate bandwidth and minimal latency.

While doing this, SD-WAN also monitors internet traffic. Imagine your SD-WAN network is a congested highway with a lane that only special pass holders can access. Each car on the highway has a special function like conference calls, emails, or web browsing. Because your business chose to prioritize conference calls, it allows conference calls cars through the special pass lane, thus ensuring they aren’t interrupted by the traffic.

Additionally, SD-WAN is designed to connect long-distance users so high latency issues are a thing of the past because you’re connected through a centralized controller. The faster the internet connectivity, the easier it is to connect to cloud-based computing applications.


The cloud is the future of business and SD-WAN is the future of networking. Pairing the two together through SimpleWAN will ensure you and your business receives faster speeds, secure connections and optimized services. The process is even easier for you with our new Google Cloud Compute integration. SD-WAN is more than just a cloud service too. If your internet is slow, if your network isn’t optimized for your business’s needs or if you’re worried about cyber security in general, SimpleWAN can help. Contact us today to help launch your company into the cloud-based future.