SD-WAN is a useful tool for improving security at the network level for enterprises.Any time an enterprise embarks on a digital transformation, security is one of the primary concerns. Allowing data to travel off-site to the broad spread of cloud surfaces could allow for more vulnerability, so organizations need to have a good handle on their security strategy. When enterprises choose a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN), they can add coverage to their security plan.

Following are five recommendations for using SD-WAN to secure the network and the broader organization:

  1. Encrypt WAN transport. When you choose SD-WAN, you can access low-cost broadband as well as encrypt traffic to each of your branch locations without requiring an administrator to go and manually make changes to a router. It’s also important to note that with SD-WAN, data is not able to be breached even if the carrier network is compromised, so it tends to be even safer than a private IP server.
  2. Secure your cloud connections. It doesn’t matter how secure Amazon or Salesforce is because it’s often the transmitting of data over the internet to the cloud service that makes IT personnel concerned about security. SD-WAN allows for granular internet breakout to steer sensitive information to appropriately secure gateways and firewalls.
  3. Better branch security. In many enterprises, each individual branch does not have the necessary security in place, which would require an engineer to go to each site and configure the equipment. With SD-WAN, centralized control allows the IT department to set up VPNs, WAN optimization, and firewalls, all from headquarters.
  4. Meeting compliance requirements. For organizations in healthcare, finance, and other industries with highly-sensitive information, SD-WAN offers a way to create virtual overlays for different segment types of application traffic. For instance, a financial advising company could create a virtual network for a client’s information, making it easier to meet privacy regulations and keep data secure.
  5. Allow for secure segmentation. SD-WAN allows for the secure segmentation of individual applications so that specific items can be separated for addressing performance issues or to isolate them for security purposes. SD-WAN makes it simple to create both fine-grained and coarse segments that can be enforced through business intent policies.

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