A security management plane in the cloud may be better than CISOs fighting for control.The disruption of cloud technology is widespread, and everyone from customer service representatives to the CEO has been forced to examine their processes and determine the best way to serve the public through new digital approaches. Perhaps the chief information security officer (CISO) has had the most potential for impact.

In many cases, the CISO has chosen to retain as much control as possible to maximize visibility and the ability to manipulate applications for improved security coverage. Cybersecurity executives often install management servers and software on enterprise networks in order to own control over their own technologies.

This approach has long been considered a security management best practice. As cloud technology evolves, CISOs are weighing the opportunities available versus the perceived risk of allowing control to be removed from their physical location. This is true of any move of an application or other component to the cloud. There are always risks, but in some cases, the benefits are more easily realized.

Moving to a security management plane offers clear benefits. Here are three that CISOs must consider:

  1. Product evaluations and proofs of concept are accelerated. When you use an on-site security management model, it may take weeks to provision servers and to install all the software and deploy all items on a test network. A cloud-based security management plane can eliminate a lot of the operational overhead and cost. It allows you to get straight to the testing of the security functionality of your products.
  2. You can significantly lower costs with a security management plane in the cloud. You’ll reduce maintenance costs, not to mention avoiding the purchase of servers.
  3. Your product upgrades will be seamless and continuous. Instead of dealing with the disruption of an upgrade, you’ll experience nearly constant improvement in your security software without any interruptions. This allows you to experience the latest features and functionality without the delays and testing that generally come with an update of an on-site system.

Given the shortage of qualified security personnel, it’s difficult to ignore the benefits that come with a security management plane. It’s also possible that providers will begin offering incentives to clients that move their security to the cloud, so watch for opportunities to move with added benefits.

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