Selling SD-WAN to small businesses can be challenging for a number of reasons. Not only are SMBs concerned about employee productivity, but they also want a solution that is cost-effective and can give them the results they seek.

If you’re a reseller of our SD-WAN technology but need help improving sales, there are a few things you must consider. First and foremost, you must be able to explain and position SD-WAN to make sense for small businesses. Only then will prospects be able to resonate with the technology and their need for it. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading.

Pain Points of the Target SMB

Small businesses have a number of issues that need to be addressed, and they’re looking for the solution that will help alleviate their pain points. So what exactly do small businesses want? They want to be able to provide great service and support for their customers, have their employees stay engaged and productive, and to be profitable.

However, there are challenges that can get in the way of reaching their business objectives such as internet outages. That problem has the power to not only inhibit employee performance but also application performance. This is especially a concern for organizations that rely on the cloud.

Outages are more likely to occur when businesses don’t have a reliable, sustainable, and highly available internet connection to access their cloud applications. If they don’t have the right architecture to design their networks to be compatible with the cloud, they can run into outages.

An additional challenge for SMBs is existing vulnerability when they don’t have proper security. While small businesses want to be profitable, they don’t always want to spend money on security or technology. It’s important for them to note that small businesses are targeted by hackers just as much as big businesses, and according to a report from VIPRE, 66% of SMBs who experience a serious data breach are likely to either shut down for a day or go completely out of business.

But with SD-WAN, SMBs find the resources they need to address all of the above including increase application performance, getting failover, and more.

Addressing These Challenges With SimpleWAN’s SD-WAN

In order to make better SD-WAN sales, you must be knowledgable enough to communicate the service in a way that makes sense for an SMB. At SimpleWAN, we want to give you the confidence to sell, which is why we’ll break down some sales points about our SD-WAN service to help you find success.

Resilient, reliable uptime: Failover, such as an internet connection, is something that you’re paying for but is just sitting there until it’s needed. SMBs often find themselves paying for bandwidth that they don’t use. And by selling resiliency, high availability, and business continuity – instead of failover, – you’ll be able to provide SMBs with a more cost-effective primary internet connection that can be used in an active-active scenario.

SD-WAN allows SMBs to use both internet connections simultaneously and load balance between the two so they’re actually using the bandwidth that they’re paying for. This benefit is a much better sell over just failover.

Application performance: Even in a scenario where an SMB’s connection doesn’t go down but still experiences degradation such as packet loss, jitter, and latency, the SD-WAN appliance will automatically route traffic in order to improve the application performance based on the best available connection. Increased performance application can benefit high performing applications as well as end users and organizations.

Cost-benefit: With SD-WAN, organizations that have traditionally purchased firewalls to build their VPN network or pay for their MPLS connection can create a highly available network by leveraging best-of-breed broadband connections. This not only allows SMBs to reduce the amount of spend but also helps improve availability, resulting in a cost benefit for the organization. SD-WAN allows for:

  • More bandwidth
  • Dual/diverse paths out of the network
  • Secure encrypted network without the expense or reliance on a single telecom carrier

Want to Learn More?

If you’d like to learn more about selling SimpleWAN’s SD-WAN with success, contact us today and we’d be glad to help. Understanding SD-WAN and its benefits more clearly will help give you the confidence to make better sales. Reach out today to get started.

About the Author

Phillip Tuckwiller has been in technology for the past 12 years and got his start in the UCaaS and Hosted Voice over IP space. He has extensive experience selling technology and in the last 5 years of his tenure, has focused on coaching and helping people sell, position, and deploy large networks with telecommunications, voice over IP, and SD-WAN. Throughout his successful career, he’s worked with companies that range from Fortune 500 to mom and pop.