In these unprecedented times, more and more workers are going remote, and while productivity has stayed relatively even-keeled, remote workers and their home networks and personal devices introduce huge new security challenges. Home networks were never meant to support business needs and security, and if you think a VPN used over a home network can protect your business, think again (click here to read our blog or download our free infographic on this topic). Keep reading to hear about a recent customer success story!

By not addressing the security gaps that remote home networks bring to the table, you’re risking more than you might think. 56% of remote employees use personal computers with VPN connections over home networks, and 25% don’t have proper security. 98% of all IoT device traffic is unencrypted. This means that when remote workers use home networks for business, their networked IoT devices put your business at risk, from security cameras and baby monitors, to smart doorbells and more. 43% of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses. Over 50% of small businesses have suffered a breach within the last year, costing an average of $200K, and 60% go out of business within 6 months of being victimized!

SimpleWAN @Home addresses all of these security concerns, and isolating work traffic from the home network is just the tip of the iceberg. But don’t take our word for it. Here is a customer success story recently shared with us:

“Since COVID-19, I have been working from home and relying on SimpleWAN @Home to ensure uptime and productivity while protecting the company I work for from security risks that could come from my home network. But recently I went out of town to a very remote area with little to no secure WiFi connectivity but still had work to do. Because SimpleWAN @Home functions from one simple plug-and-play device, I simply took it with me on my travels. I plugged it in and was able to connect to LTE services in a remote area and still be connected behind my company’s corporate firewall on my personal laptop. Even though I was remote with no VPN and a personal computer, I was able to gain LTE internet access and still be managed and protected by my IT team.

Then when I got home, one of the first things I had to deal with was an internet outage from my internet service provider. They anticipated my outage to be longer than 4 hours, so my only option was to use an expensive hotspot (which I don’t own by the way), or not work. Luckily for me, all I had to do was plug in my SimpleWAN @Home device, which is much more secure than a hotspot, again with enterprise-grade connectivity to the LTE and within minutes I was connected to the internet again and protected by my corporate firewall. This saved me hours of downtime and after-hours work catching up even while my home internet was completely down.”

SimpleWAN @Home provides everything you need to extend telework security to the home office, bundled into one simple plug-and-play. Within minutes, your remote workforce can isolate work traffic from the home network, improving application performance and addressing security gaps. All of the tools you are already paying for and managing, bundled as the most comprehensive enterprise telework security network management solution. What’s not to love?

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