SimpleWAN, an innovative cybersecurity networking company, has chosen to move its corporate headquarters to Prescott, Arizona’s new Center for the Future. 


Prescott, Arizona – November 10th 2020 SimpleWAN is excited to announce moving its corporate offices from Phoenix, AZ to Prescott, AZ. Through a partnership with the City of Prescott and The Center for the Future. SimpleWAN is moving to Prescott as it expands its new high tech work from home solution. The City feels that this is a great move for the company and staff for many reasons. The Prescott area has an incredible work life balance with a thriving restaurant scene and with amazing local music. It has a growing tech community not to mention the wonderful weather. 

SimpleWAN is excited about the many partnerships that have come together to make this possible. The Center for the Future has had an unprecedented vision of bringing more technology based companies, and the associated quality jobs,  to the Prescott area. SimpleWAN is thrilled to work with the three local colleges and their talented students. The City of Prescott’s focus and realizing the value of bringing these types of businesses and jobs to Prescott are of the utmost importance to the community, and making this move beneficial for everyone.


SimpleWAN is looking forward to being a great addition to the already incredible town of Prescott. 


About SimpleWAN: 

SimpleWAN’s mission is to simplify networking for businesses. Launched by Erik Knight and his team in 2014, the company’s multi-award winning all-in-one solution boasts over 10,000 deployments and is rapidly being adopted by national chains and multi-location businesses. The company’s latest offering called SimpleWAN @Home provides remote workers the tools to increase their customers’ retention with advanced cybersecurity monitoring and troubleshooting tools. For more information, please visit


About Prescott Arizona’s Center for the Future:

Center for the Future is dedicated to growing the number of quality jobs in the Prescott region through incubation, acceleration and attraction of companies to the area.  With an initial focus on cybersecurity and aerospace, two key sectors that are strongly supported in Arizona and across the US, the vision is already drawing prospects from Silicon Valley and Phoenix area to Northern Arizona. For additional information, please visit