SimpleWAN is expanding its connectivity to a number of new cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS). This will allow for simple integration to connect to AWS through SimpleWAN’s all-in-one SD-WAN solution with just a few clicks.

“Existing AWS users and those that want to adopt Amazon’s cloud services will benefit greatly from easy integration to SimpleWAN’s all-in-one solution,” said Erik Knight, CEO of SimpleWAN.

Connecting to AWS was an easy decision for SimpleWAN. The number one supplier of infrastructure, AWS was the choice of many early adopters of the cloud. The integration with SimpleWAN allows a simple click to connect to their infrastructure from SimpleWAN offices—something that would normally take hours to do.

Further, if any failover or changes to IP addresses happen at the branch level, that branch is then disconnected from the AWS infrastructure. SimpleWAN automation maintains the connection no matter what happens with on-site broadband.

This move is part of a bigger endeavor on the part of SimpleWAN to bring multi-location businesses into the next generation of cloud-based connectivity. With the SimpleWAN-AWS integration, enterprises with multiple branches will be able to achieve high-performing, secure networks in the cloud.

About AWS
AWS is a subsidiary of that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms on a paid subscription basis. The technology gives subscribers access to a virtual cluster of computers, available all the time, through the internet.About SimpleWAN

SimpleWAN’s mission is to simplify networking for businesses. Launched by Knight and his team in 2014, the company’s multi-award winning all-in-one solution boasts over 5,000 deployments, and is rapidly being adopted by national chains and multi-location businesses. Contact us today or visit to learn more.