VPNs Worked Fine For 20 Years

But Now They Are Broken

Ransomware and other attacks are coming in through VPNs. VPNs can quickly become a nightmare to manage. Remote employees constantly complain about them. Hackers can access your network as they penetrate home networks through doorbells and thermostats.

Join our Webinar to learn how to provide more reliable and secure connections for your remote workers with a secure, dedicated internet connection. 

  • Push the edge of your network safely into the home

  • Control and monitor everything from a dashboard

  • Simplify troubleshooting by standardizing your employee’s connections

  • And more


There’s a better option than VPNs.
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A Better Solution

You thought sending employees home during the pandemic would be temporary. And now, it’s looking more permanent. That means you’ve likely been stuck with managing all of these home internet connections and shaky VPNs, with your employees competing for bandwidth with XBox Live and Netflix.

Do they call you every time a Zoom meeting glitches or a call drops or the internet goes down?

Get your remote employees a dedicated, business-grade connection that you manage from your own dashboard. Imagine how much time and frustration that’ll save you.

In the SimpleWAN@Home webinar, you’ll learn all about our solution — YOUR solution — for managing your network for remote employees. We’ll cover:

  • Easy, templated configurations
  • Central, remote management of each connection
  • How we get better, business-grade internet from an LTE connection
  • How VPNs leave your network vulnerable
  • And more
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Find out how to provide a fast, remotely managed, secure 4G business grade connection for your remote workers.

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