As the need for internet access and cloud computing skyrockets, it is often small businesses that create innovative and next-generation solutions to modern-day problems. Everest Group, a consulting and research firm that focuses on strategic IT, business services, and sourcing, did an in-depth analysis of such businesses. The report named SimpleWAN as one of the top 10 SD-WAN Trailblazers.

The truth is that Wide Area Networks (WANs) cannot handle the modern-day traffic. Over the past decade, network infrastructure has been neglected; popular mainstream choices have not been optimized to support the digital transformation that came with cloud computing.

This is because traditional WANs consist of single-function proprietary devices connected via WAN links. This setup is no longer able to support modern network needs that are driven by the cloud. SD-WAN is the key to enable direct connectivity from remote sites into the cloud.

But what is SD-WAN? To keep it brief, SD-WAN is the future of WAN. It connects users to the most efficient routes between branch offices and data centers without compromising on speed. A business using SD-WAN can prioritize traffic as well; video conference calls will not be affected by those trying to upload to the cloud.

SD-WAN is faster, more secure, and more reliable than a traditional WAN network. If your business is experiencing slow network connections, slow downloads, or buffering video calls, SD-WAN may be able to help optimize your online experience.

If you do choose to switch, consider using one of the trailblazers of the SD-WAN ecosystem, like SimpleWAN.

Why SimpleWAN Stands Out

Founded in 2014, SimpleWAN provides an all-in-one networking suite that combines SD-WAN, managed enterprise-grade WiFi and security with a built-in firewall with intrusion prevention, diagnostic and monitoring tools, and more.

All of their services come out of a single box too, which is why they stand out among the others. Their SD-WAN is a plug-and-play operation and allows the addition of multiple locations from a smartphone and auto-updating cyber protection.

SimpleWAN is extremely cloud-friendly. In October 2019, they announced one-click integration to Google Cloud Compute. Additionally,  through SimpleWAN’s SD-WAN 2.0, you can get the best speed and most secure connection to your cloud-based services. The service automatically connects you directly to the cloud-based app without having to go through a data center, meaning you get where you need to go faster and more efficiently.

As mentioned above, security is already integrated into the system too. SimpleWAN offers Cloud Firewall Protection to manage and monitor your device’s security from the cloud. It targets malicious activities as it happens and notifies you of risks in real time. Because it’s through the cloud, the service is 24/7 and runs autonomously.

Why Is Security Important? 

The number of cyber attackers is on the rise. On average, a cyber attack happens every 39 seconds in the United States and affects one in three Americans.

A cyber attack is launched online with the sole purpose of assaulting a single computer or a network. It can result in the malicious disablement of computers, stolen data, or turn the breached computer into a launchpad for future attacks.

Cyber attacks are diverse in their priority and execution. They can be malware, phishing, ransomware, denial of service, and more.

Highly illegal, Cisco reported that cybercrimes 53% of cybercrimes resulted in damages of $500,000 or more.

Cyber attacks adapt and update with security trends, so be sure you’re staying up-to-date with your security and staying informed with the latest cyber attack trends. If you want to it happening in real-time, check out SimpleWAN’s cyberattack map.

Check out SimpleWAN’s tips on how to protect yourself from a cyber attack for a more in-depth analysis of how to protect yourself online.

SimpleWAN Is Not Just For Businesses

When an Arizona multi-location charter school needed an upgrade, SimpleWAN stepped in. They produced a case study to document the results of integrating SD-WAN into a school system.

Prior to SD-WAN, the school system had one location acting as its primary data center and used point to point entries to connect school sites. The system needed to increase its bandwidth, implement redundancy and disaster recovery, and save money.

SimpleWAN provided the school system with a secure and private network that had true redundancy to achieve 100% up-time, higher bandwidth, was in budget and was completed within 45 days.

The solution was to overhaul its IT infrastructure with SimpleWAN SmartRoute technology to ensure the system had the highest quality Wide Area Network (WAN) routes available.

At the end of the day, Arizona Charter Schools got 25x faster application delivery to remote sites, true redundancy for disaster recovery, a centralized phone system, and new technology. Additionally, WAN costs were cut in half and telecommunication costs decreased by 18%.

With SD-WAN innovations such as this, it’s no wonder SimpleWAN was named a top 10 trailblazer of the industry. Try them out for yourself and schedule a demo with SimpleWAN today, or contact them for more information.