Phoenix, AZ- SimpleWAN, the company that simplifies networking for business, now offers both DIY and Platinum versions of its award-winning SD-WAN solution. The goal of the expanded offering is to serve buyers and enable every business – no matter its needs – to gain next-generation networking technology.

“We’ve learned that there are two types of buyers in the SD-WAN space,” said Erik Knight, CEO of SimpleWAN. “Those organizations that have network and technical expertise at their disposal that are are looking to manage and deploy a solution themselves, and those that don’t have the skill sets staffed but want to leverage new technologies and need outside expertise to roll those out. Both consume corporate technologies very differently.”

SimpleWAN’s DIY solution meets the needs of businesses that are accustomed to buying their hardware from traditional distributors. These organizations generally have a trusted IT resource that is often external and sells them a suite of technologies. Businesses that benefit most from the DIY solution are often trying to solve one or two specific problems.

For businesses that have their own internal IT staff but may not have network engineers on the payroll, the Platinum solution is a better fit. These companies are often looking to leverage cloud services to offset some of their workload or get ahead in automated management and cybersecurity. The Platinum buyer is often trying to solve a number of issues at once while consolidating network costs, and is usually approaching network challenges at a much higher, organizational level.

When weighing whether SimpleWAN’s DIY or Platinum solution is best for a business, a few considerations must be made. Said Knight, “It comes down to goals. If they have the on-staff expertise and are bundling it with other managed services, DIY is the best fit because that organization specializes in those types of offerings. If they are looking for a total solution with no large capital expenditures, with a focus of moving to the cloud, Platinum is the way to go.”

SimpleWAN’s award-winning solution boasts over 5,000 deployments and is rapidly being adopted by national chains and multi-location businesses. To learn more about SimpleWAN’s next-generation SD-WAN 2.0 and the differences between the DIY and Platinum versions of the solution, contact SimpleWAN today.

About SimpleWAN
SimpleWAN’s mission is to simplify networking for businesses. Launched by Erik Knight and his team in 2014, the company’s multi-award winning all-in-one solution boasts over 5,000 deployments and is rapidly being adopted by national chains and multi-location businesses. Contact us today or visit to learn more.