By: Erik

Over the last few years I’ve had a lot and I mean a lot of phone calls and emails from customers and partners in all walks of life complaining about their Internet connection speeds. In recent years thanks to Google, many of the Internet providers are under the gun to provide faster connections at a lower cost. The bottom line is the user is being cheated (

We all know the world doesn’t work that way, if you want more for less, something has to give. You’re Internet providers have devised a plan to give you cake and eat it too… Or have they..? The modern Internet has made an expert out of anyone that can reach a speed test server. The end user doesn’t understand the overall experience of the Internet or how it works but they just want to make sure the number they see on the screen matches up with what they are paying for.

In the early days speed-tests were great and pretty accurate, however in today’s Broadband world it’s not the case. Most of the cable & DSL Internet providers now say “Up To” instead of an actual speed because they don’t want you to mistake what you are really paying for. In recent years to hit that message home, most of them have installed provisioning systems and equipment that let you “burst” up to a super fast speed often more then you are paying for; for a few seconds making that speed test look amazing. The only problem is most services you care about like VoIP, streaming video and of course don’t forget Xbox, require a streaming speed and that speed must be there 100% of the time for it to work well. Most of the Internet connection streaming speeds are about 20% or less of what the bust speed test speed is.

Anytime you go over that capped streaming speed with realtime services, they don’t work so well. But wait it gets worse, many of the speed test servers are not only sponsored by the Internet providers, they are hosted free of charge on the same network as your connection and don’t even really test access to the actual Internet.
At this point you should be upset and angry, the only problem is it’s working… Most end users really believe they are getting the speeds their test display. Often when a professional show them the truth they still believe the test they see on the screen. So lets start by saying just about any speed test out there is lying to you! Those burst speeds don’t do anything for you at all unless you’re going to download really tiny files all day long. Second do yourself a favor run a real speed test that actually shows you your streaming speed, something with a large file like a 200MB file at ( The long term streaming speed is so important and will dictate how many phone calls you can have at one time and what quality of video you can stream and even if your music streaming service broadcasts in HD. Last stop believing what you see from a free online service, not everything on the Internet is true and your speedtest is a perfect example of one..