Gaining better ground with cyber security trends through AI and machine learning.The frequency at which cyber security trends change correlates to the increasing variety of cyber threats that seem to evolve on a near daily basis.

Cyber-related attacks come with a price, and according to Microsoft, that cost on a global scale is more than $500 billion a year. Unfortunately, as these threats evolve, cyber security professionals are facing the daunting challenge of protecting valuable data from the attacks.

Where Can AI Help?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in algorithms within machine learning systems, which can improve response times to perceived attacks. This is valuable news because malware, ransomware, and other cyber security risk elements are not backing down, and are in fact becoming more difficult to detect when they enter a system.

Machine learning and AI band together to learn from past threats/attacks, taking that information and learning how to identify and respond to new threats. The goal is for the AI to actually stop a threat from getting into a system, or to immobilize it within the system once it’s detected, preventing it from doing any major damage.

One of the positive side effects of this is that cyber security professionals will save critical time that can be utilized in other areas of data protection, because the risk detecting process is quite time-consuming for them. Furthermore, the process in its manual mode is prone to human error, which means the AI solution can be up and running at all times with no fatigue factor to figure in.

A Suitable Match

Mixing machine learning with AI makes sense when you consider that when working together, they will improve with every new threat encountered. It’s a cyber security trend that is likely to pick up speed as the rate of attacks is expected to increase rapidly in the years to come. Three-quarters of the healthcare industry says they’ve already been attacked, so for many organizations, it’s not a question of if they’ll get hit – it’s when.

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