The Move Home: How SimpleWAN Can Quickly Get Your Employees Working From Home With Simplicity and Security.

A Rush to Work from Home
There has been a large migration to the work from home users for a number of years. With the world’s current situation, we expect that to dramatically increase in the near future. With more people working from home, while it sounds amazing and productivity often improves, private homes are just not set up for business connectivity. This is especially true when multiple people are working and staying home. Nonetheless, businesses large and small must quickly arrange simple yet secure connectivity to support employees working from home.

VPN is Not the Answer
With VoIP technology and VPN’s most users think they can work from just about anywhere, but in reality hits it’s not that easy. Home networks are not secure, lack any kind of prioritization, security, or policy compliance required by corporate IT departments today. VPN’s are at best an interim solution, but they are time consuming to set up for each employee, have a number of limitations, and are most vulnerable to being overrun by other users within a home network.

There is a Better Way: SimpleWAN’s Low-Cost Edge Device Controlled by the Cloud Management Interface
SimpleWAN is the better solution. Companies can quickly provide a low-cost device to be placed in the home whose settings and configurations can be managed remotely through SimpleWAN’s Cloud Management Interface. SimpleWAN can balance the corporate IT infrastructure to quickly and securely connect remote users into the corporate IT and cloud infrastructure while making sure all the other users inside the house don’t ruin business productivity. SimpleWAN can prioritize business applications, keep phone calls crystal clear, make sure video conferencing is perfect and securely connect people and stay connected to the corporate cloud. All of this while enabling remote IT staff stay on top of any issues they may have.

The SimpleWAN SD-Branch technology is also a home branch technology. The SimpleWAN Zero Touch means your remote worker can turn it on with little to no IT assistance. We have technology devices that are perfect for the home office but can scale up to the datacenter. SimpleWAN is the only SD-WAN/SD-Branch technology that is cost effective and can deploy immediately across home broadband connections with little to no engineering. To top it off, we also have pay as you go options.

Let’s Get it Set Up — Today
SimpleWAN can transition an office worker to a home worker by this time tomorrow. From a corporate IT compliance point of view, the result is just like being at the office. We just launched a new remote worker plan that enables companies to quickly and easily make the transition to home based work.